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Make these in triplicate for a really unique Christmas Decoration!

This one will take some time, but when you are done, you will have a unique decoration that you will use year after year. Why not have each family member make a different piece. Then it will truly be a family decoration! Let the adults and older kids make the camels, as they are more complicated, and let the younger ones make the kings.
Camel Instructions ----- ( Click Here for King Instructions)

You'll need

  • 8- 1/4 " pom poms for legs
  • 1- 3" pom pom for body
  • 5- 1" pom poms for head and neck
  • 1- 3/4" pom pom for snout
  • google eyes
  • felt
  • glue
  • extra yarn
  • 4 wooden sticks approx 5" long (I use barbeque scewers broken in half).
  • floral wire
Pom poms can be varying shades of tan and brown.

How To:

First make the pom poms using pom pom directions

Next construct the legs- glue two 1/4" pom poms to both ends of a wooden stick. On the one end push the pom pom down so the end of the stick is exposed (see diagram 1 below).

Wrap yarn around the wooden section between the two pop poms (diagram 2)

Repeat for all four legs.

Now take floral wire and string snout, head and neck pom poms together. Apply glue between the pom poms. Curve the neck to the right shape.

Next glue the body to the neck.

At this point you may want to let the glue dry before proceeding.

Once the body/neck is dry you can attach the legs.

Use small pieces of felt for ears and nose,google eyes, and a small piece of yarn formed into a tassel for the tail.

Click Here to See A Diagram

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