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A Great Craft for a Little Boy - Pom Pom Frog

What little boy doesn't like frogs? Hey! I know some little girls who like them, too! I was one of them! Now there's a craft that even your boys will enjoy doing on a rainy or snowy afternoon. Use different shades of green to create a variety of frogs.

What You Need:

  • 8- 1/2" to 3/4" green pom poms for front legs and feet, back feet and eyes.(Use the directions for how to make a pom pom!)
  • 1 - 2" green pom pom for head
  • 2 - 1" green pom poms (flattened) for the back legs. To flatten pom poms, simply trim extra yarn off of the top and bottom of the pom pom when you are making it. This will create a disk-like shape.
  • 1 - 3" green pom pom for body
  • BIG Google Eyes
  • Glue, scissors (the basics)

How To Proceed:

Using the picture above as a guide, glue your pom poms in place. Use the hat pin method of glueing to attach them. .

Allow your frog to dry completely before removing pins.

Nancy's Pom Pom Palace
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