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Flowers that Never Die!

These pom pom flowers look really pretty as centerpieces. Try experimenting with different color pom poms to create a different look.

Idea! - Planning a Mother's Day Tea? Make up a bunch of these and give them away as door prizes.

You Will Need

  • 6- 1" pom poms for each flower. I like the look of four flowers, but you can vary that.
  • Glue, hat-pins,scissors (the basics)
  • Floral Wire and Tape.
  • Silk Flower Leaves
  • 3" Terracotta vase
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Spanish Moss


Start by making your pom poms and constructing the flower head. Use the directions for pom pom making and the hat-pin method of gluing.

Once the glue is dry, attach a piece of floral wire to each flower and wrap with floral tape. Add leaves and more tape if necessary.

Mix plaster of paris according to package instructions. Fill Terracotta vase with plaster and stick flowers into wet plaster. You will have to hold the flowers in place while the plaster sets, but it should set pretty quickly.

When the plaster of paris is completely dry, glue a little bit of spanish moss onto the top of it.


Make your flowers smile! Add some google eyes and a tiny piece of red yarn or felt and you have a smiling flower!

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