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What dog lover could resist this little cutie? I call him a snow puppy because I usually make them using white pom poms. (Afterall, I have three white dogs!) However, you can use different shades of browns. Or try using a combination of white and black to give your pup a "spotted" look.
pom pom puppy

How To Make:

This little guy's body is made just like the cat (see Fuzzy Feline ) You might want to make the pom poms a little bit larger, however. Then simply cut and glue on the big, black felt ears, nose, and tongue. Add google eyes and a collar and you have a pom pom pup to be proud of!

Gift Ideas for Your Snow Puppy

Hey! Want a really cute gift? Make one (or maybe a whole litter) of these little guys and put them in a small basket with a fleece blanket and perhaps a pillow. - Real cute! - You can do this with Fuzzy Felines too. Surroundings really make the pom pom animal! See more ideas on the Background Page

Animated Paws

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