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This Little Bear Got The Whole Thing Started!

The very first pom pom animal that I ever made was a bear. He looked something like what you see here (Although believe it or not, I think the original colors were turquoise and yellow!) Several years back, we gave him a name after holding a "Name that Bear" contest. The winner was Karen from New Freedom, PA. She winning name was B.J. Bear - Standing for -"Bearer of Joy". We chose the name because it is our hope and prayer that the craft ideas in this site will be used to bless others.
You will need:
  • 8 small  1" pom poms in any color Click Here For Directions
  • 2 large 2-3" pom poms in a coordinating color or the same color
  • Felt for nose.
  • Google Eyes
  • Hat Pins
  • Glue - We recommend Tacky Glue, but plain white glue works also.
  • Scissors


After making pom poms, put a hat pin through one of the large poms and put a ring of glue around the bottom of the pin.  Do not get glue on the pin.

Stick the pom with the pin into the other large pom pom.  You have just created the body.

Now take the small pom poms and do the same.  Put them in their place for ears, snout, arms, legs and tail.  Again, be very careful not to get glue on the pin or you will not be able to remove it without damaging your bear.

Cut a felt triangle for the nose. Glue onto snout.

Glue on google eyes.

Let glue completely dry before removing pins.

You can add many decorations to your bear to make it unique.  I've added lace and ribbons, Christmas novelties, etc.

Nancy's Pom Pom Palace
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