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Don't just use an ordinary book marker. Use a book worm!

Here is a craft that combines pom pom making and simple crochet. These little guys are fun to make and fun to use. Encourage your kids to read. Give them one of these cuties to mark their page. They make great little gifts too! Give one to your favorite teacher or librarian.

Here's How!

  • Using the yarn of choice make a chain of 21 links.
  • Starting in the 2nd link, double crochet 3 times in each link. This will cause the "coiling" effect.
  • When you get to the last chain link, chain 50-75 (depending upon the size of book you are planning to use it with).
  • At the end of this chain, pull a large loop of yarn ( approx 6 inches) . Tie and knot it off, leaving that extra yarn.
  • Now using the pom pom instructions make a pom pom for the end, however intead of trimming the pom pom and finishing it, when you get to that step, tie the pom pom onto the worm, using the extra strands (see diagram)
  • Carefully trim and fluff the pom pom. Make sure you do not cut the chain in the process.
  • Glue on google eyes. Let dry and use!

Nancy's Pom Pom Palace
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