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Here's a way to add a touch of spring to your household decor all year long.
Follow the simple directions to make these cute little butterfly magnets.
Then place them on refridgerators, file cabinets, or anything magnetic in your home or office.
Great craft for kids and adults alike.

Turn your catepillars into butterflies!

Follow the simple instructions for making catepillers, and just add wings!

The butterfly wings can be made out of felt or any other stiff fabric. Be creative. Glue pom poms onto felt wings(or fabric) and let dry. Then glue the magnet to the back of the wings.

Sample Shapes for Wings

sample shape - pointed
Pointed Wings

sample shape - rounded
Rounded Wings

These magnets are great because not only do they look cute, but they are functional! Use to display children's artwork or perfect exam papers!

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