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These cuties are perfect for Easter and other holidays as well. I modify the basket color to go with the holiday at hand. At Christmas-time I call them Yule Birds and Yule Bunnies.

How To Make:

The pom pom part is easy!
  • Use the How To Make A Pom Pom directions to make 4 -1" pom poms - white for bunnies, yellow for birds.
  • Glue two of them together at a time using the Hat Pin method.
  • Add felt ears, beaks,and wings (depending on which you are making)
  • Glue on tiny Google eyes. I try to make them look like they are looking at each other. To do this, glue the eyes slighly off center, one bird/bunny more to the right, one more to the left.
  • Let birds/bunnies dry separately, then glue them together and remove pins.
  • Put in basket. You can glue them in if you want to. However, I like to leave them loose so I can change baskets if I want to.

Making the basket:

I have to admit- giving crochet directions is not my best thing. I tend to look at things and just figure out how they are made. The following is basically what I do. Please excuse me if I am not using correct crochet language :-)

  • Using the yarn of choice (I like Red Heart) Crochet a chain of 2.
  • Double crochet in the second chain 8 times
  • Then connect to make a ring.
  • Start building the size of your ring by double crocheting one, then single crochet 2, double crochet 3, single crochet 2. By then you should be back to the beginning and you will have a small oval.
  • Now you're going to do two rows of double crochet. This will start to give you a basket shape.
  • At the end of the second row connect the ends.
  • Now chain 50. Connect the end to the opposite side. You should have a basket!
Please note: This is not an exact science. You may have to experiment a little.

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