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Hat Pin Method of Applying Glue

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Here is a simple way to keep your pom poms
from falling apart before the glue dries!

If you don't use something to hold your pom poms in place while the glue dries, it will be very hard to keep your creation together. After struggling with this problem for a while we came up with the "hat pin method".

Hat pins, also known as corsage pins can be purchased in most craft stores. You will probably find them in the floral or bridal isle. Unlike other pins, they have a BIG head so they can be handled and removed easily. You won't lose them in the pom pom!

To glue two pom poms together, insert the pin in one pom pom. Make a circle of glue around the pin, as shown in the diagram below. Allow the glue to dry before removing the pin. A key thing to keep in mind when applying glue and securing it with a pin, is that you don't want to get glue on the pin! It will be much harder to remove it and may actually ruin your pom pom.

Diagram of the hat pin method for glueing pom poms together.

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