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In addition to all pom pom animals shown on this site, you can use your pom poms for other neat purposes as well.

Gift Package Decorations

Want a unique looking gift ribbon? Try crocheting a long chain and attach a pom pom to each end of the chain. Then simply wrap the chain around the package and tie a bow.

Table Name Markers

Take a single 1 1/2" pom pom, give it felt feet and google eyes, and glue it to a name card. I like to add antenna - use a flower stamin cut in half. You may think these are just for kid, but I've found that adults like them too!

Flower Pot Sticks

Add a crafty touch to a house plant or flower pot. Put a pom pom bear, rabbit, or animal of your choice, on the end of a shish-ka-bob skewer and stick in in the soil.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Any of the animals shown on this site can be turned into Christmas Tree Ornaments. Simply glue a wire loop on top. You can use floral wire, pipe cleaners, Christmas Tree Hooks, or any other bendable wire. Just make sure the loop is securely glued before trying to hang the ornament.

Nancy's Pom Pom Palace
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