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Groom InstructionsspacerBride Instructions
Do you know someone who is getting married soon? Maybe it is you. Well, whoever it is, here's a great craft to make for the lucky bride and groom. You can vary the colors of the bears, the types of flowers and the clothing colors to make them coordinate with the wedding colors. Have fun! It could quite possilby be the most unique gift that the wedding couple receives!

How to make the Bride Bear

The bride bear requires the same pom pom components as the
classic bear, plus the following:
  • 2" wide lace for dress
  • White felt or more lace for veil
  • Small Flowers for bouquet
Using the hat pin method glue the body and head pom poms together. Then continue with the ears, tail and bottom paws. Before gluing on the top paw pom poms, wrap and glue your 2" wide lace around the bear. This is her dress.

Now you can glue the arm pom poms on. Glue them close together so they look like they are holding the flowers.

When glue is dry, take out pins and glue veil to top of the head. You can use either felt or fanned lace to make the veil.

Glue on google eyes and nose. Glue flowers between her upper paws and add any other embellishments that you want (ie. craft pearls, sequins, glitter, etc.) Let dry completely.

How to make the Groom Bear

Like the bride bear, the groom bear is made much like the classic bear with a few extra parts. You will also need some felt cut in the following shapes for the vest, top hat and bow tie.
Glue the pom poms together in the same manner as with the bride bear, leaving the upper paws for last. The felt rectangle is wrapped around the body of the bear first. You can trim the felt to create the desired look. Add some angles, buttons, etc.

Once the vest is secure. You can glue on the upper arms.

The hat is made by smearing the long rectangular piece with glue and rolling it to make a cylinder shape, then glueing the small felt circle to the top and large felt circle to the bottom. Depending on the thickness of your felt, you may have to vary the length of the strip used to make the hat. Let hat dry and then glue it to the top of the bear's head.

Now you have created a one of a kind wedding bear couple that is sure to be cherished for years to come.

Unique Idea! - Are you getting married? Why not create the whole wedding party out of pom poms. Bridesmaids can be made much like the bride - just use your wedding colors. Groomsmen can be made like the groom. Just make the groom a little different so he stands out. You can place them on your head table and when the reception is over, let the wedding party take home their "replicas" as a special momento of your wedding day.

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