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Angel Bear

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Line of Pom Poms

Whatever the holiday, what could be cuter than a little angel bear? You can modify this one to go with Christmas, Valentine's Day, or other day simply by changing the trim (sequin color, flower color)
Angel Bear
You will need:
  • 8 - 1" pom poms in either white or light gray or silver. Follow directions for how to make a pom pom.
  • 2 - 2" pom poms in same or complimenting color
  • Felt or other fabric for dress
  • Felt for wings, nose
  • Google Eyes, sequins, and other trim
  • Tools: Glue, scissors, hat pins (corsage pins)

Diagram #1

Line of Pom Poms
Start your bear in a very similar fashion to the Classic Bear except do not glue the arms or tail on. Also, glue the feet to the bottom of the second pom pom, instead of the front. You can use the hat pin method of gluing to get the pom poms to stay in place.

Diagram 2
Line of Pom Poms
Create a felt or fabric skirt to wrap around the body of the bear to create a dress. You can also use wide lace. This gives a pretty affect! Glue it in place. (This can be stitched if you prefer)

Diagram 3
Line of Pom Poms
Glue arms to the outside of the dress in the arm position. If you glued the dress in place, allow the glue to dry before adhering the arms with the hat pins. If you don't they may get stuck and your work ruined.

While your bear is drying, cut out the felt wings and decorate the ends.

Diagram 4
Line of Pom Poms
Glue the wings and tail in place.

If you want to make your angel bear hang, make a hook out of craft wire or pipe cleaner and glue it into the top of the bear's head. Make sure the glue around the hook is totally dry before trying to hang your angel bear.

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